Frameless Fabric LED Light Box


Frameless LED Light box for Standard SEG Graphics


13 Years' Factory Experience  / OEM & ODM Accepted

UL/cUL (E523796) listed and CE SAA/C-Tick Approval


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Wall Light Box - Single Sided

- Various mounting options, wall mount by screws, own mounting clips, leaning, pre-drilledholes or custom

- 30mm, 45mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm in frame thickness available 


Free Standing Light Box - Double Sided

- Available in three widths – 80mm & 100mm & 120mm, make this product exceptionally sturdy

- Two twisting out integrated feet for added stability

- Complete with quality bag and box to keep the product organised and protected during transit

- Lightweight, portable and easy to set up with no tools required

- Include steel bases and edge lighting

- Free-standing double-sided light boxes are ideal for use in a retail display window or at a trade show to capture attention

- Multiple boxes are combined to create a seamless appearance


Ceiling Light Box - Double Sided

- 30mm, 45mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm in frame thickness available 

- Include pre-installed eye bolts for hanging from a ceiling

- Popular for use as a window hung lit fabric frame  


The soft glow emanating from within makes backlit box always the excellent choices for retail environments, exhibits, and showrooms advertising. Our seg led lightbox features LED strips along One (1) edge, two (2) edges, three (3) edges or four (4) edges, the lights are evenly spaced for a smooth, illuminated appearance. Color temperature is a super bright 6500K or customized as per your requirement.  Since our lightboxes can be made in any size, backlit or edgelit, Single or double-sided, wall mounted, freestanding, or ceiling suspended, either way, you can get just the size you want to fit any size fixture.


For edge-lit frameless light box, the LED light sources are placed on the frame (usually on the 2 long sides). For backlit frameless light box, an array of LEDs are placed on the backplate. They are all assembled, shipped, and easily installed. Just requires minimal effort to swap out an old graphic with a new one. Our company can get the backlit fabric printed with sewn silicone edges for frameless displays, but the images should be provided by customers.


Standard fabric light box profile from LUZ is silver anodised finish but they can be powder coated to specified RAL colours. The single sided profiles that are 30mm, 50mm, 60mm 80mm and 100mm in deep and single sided are perfect for fitting into recesses and wall, and the 80mm, 100mm and 120mm deep and double sided for freestanding version or hanging. Since the silicone beading is designed to be pressed in at the very edge, a frameless look is achieved. The graphics area is not only maximized, but it's also fully illuminated right to the inner edge of the light box.


Custom Frameless LED Light Boxes to Meet Your Specific Needs. Customization Options Include:

  • Custom sizes
  • A custom  base
  • Add table legs
  • Custom brackets to attach our lightboxes to your fixtures/tables/standards
  • A custom color of aluminum frame - Silver, Black or Custom - – RAL colours available at extra cost
  • Add a dimmer switch or on-off switch
  • Vertical or Horizontal orientation
  • Color temperature: Available from 2400K to 9000K
  • Various mounting options: Freestanding or Hanging or Wall-mounted
  • Custom you do not see on our website as per your requirements


Features for Frameless LED Light Boxes

  • Easy to insert / remove printed fabric
  • Adds softness and elegance to any image
  • Bright LED backlit printed graphics
  • Low-energy, low-voltage and long-lasting
  • includes an internal power supply


Electrical for Frameless LED Light Boxes

  • Energy-efficient LED Module
  • LED Configuration: One (1) edge, two (2) edges, three (3) edges or four (4) edges
  • Input Voltage: 12 Volt or 24 Volt DC
  • Power Cord Length: Customized
  • Power Supply: UL Class 2 or LPS | DC 24 Volt: Max 4.1 Amp / 98.4 Watt or CE approved
  • Barrel Connector: 2.1mm Male connector on power supply | 5.5mm Female connector on LED Light Panel


Where Do I Use An Frameless LED Light Boxes?

Use this Frameless LED Light Boxes in entranceways, or to draw attention to your product displays in retail and hospitality settings. These Frameless LED Light Boxes are also great for use at exhibitions, trade shows and open days to display important information or attractive advertising graphics.


  • Interior design for hotels/restaurants/office
  • Cosmetic / jewelry display shelves and cabinets
  • Back light source for wall/ceiling displays
  • Menu boards / new item advertisements
  • Art gallery and museum for artistic display
  • Trade show displays
  • Retail shop display stands and cases


Lightbox Display  Multiple Boxes are Combined to Create A Seamless Appearance
Lightbox Display Lightbox Display Lightbox Display Lightbox Display


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SEG boxes cacn be customized in all sizes, edgelit or backlit, single or double-sided, wall mounted, freestanding, or ceiling suspended and colors.

Provide us the products’ details that you want and get a custom quote within one business day.


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