RGB & RGBW & Dimming

RGB & RGBW & Dimming panel to achieve a variety of different colors using an RGB controller. Customization available in Single-sided & Double-sided panels, shapes, and sizes. Warm white, neutral white, red, green, blue, orange, yellow and RGB are for selection according to your projects. 

- RGB Color Changing LED Panels: Set to millions of different colors, an excellent addition to restaurants, bars, and more!

- RGBW Color Changing and White LED Panels: Merge the elegance of true white LED backlighting with fun color changing capabilities.


RGB LED Panel Lights are hard to miss when put on display in public areas. They are easy to operate, low-maintenance, and highly effective. RGB option is available for our Light Box products as well.


- Highest brightness and uniformity

- Ultra-slim frame construction

- Customizable(Size, Shape & Colour)

- Control multiple colour changing effects

- Thin, Framed & Non-framed models

- Plug & Play

- UL/cUL Listed (E523796), RoHS, CE

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