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Customized Wall LED Display Light Sign Menu Boards Mini

Xiamen LUZ is the light box manufacturer for fine-quality LED light boards enclosed in flawlessly designed, 28mm-thick aluminum snap frame. Add an evenly-lit backlight source to any printed image to attract more attention for your products.

  • Item No :

    AL2840-Single Side
  • Certification :

    UL/cUL Listed (E523796), CE approved
  • Frame Thickness :

    1.10 inch , 28mm
  • Frame Width :

    1.57 inch , 40mm
  • Open / Close :

    Snap open / close
  • LED :

    One(1) edge, two(2) edges or four(4) edges
  • Color Temperature :

    2400K-9000K, Dymanic White, RGB
  • Dimming :

    By external dimmer (Optional)
  • Environment :

    Suitable for indoor and dry location
  • Frame Color :

    Anodized aluminum / Silver, Black and Customized
  • Mounting :

    Wall mount by screws or own mounting clips


Customized Wall LED Display Light Sign Menu Boards Mini


It has become a popular method in advertising by using light panel box for signage. Illuminating signages with edge-lit technology benefits display applications with its environmental friendly features while excavating a high brightness in the sign or promotion.


The snap frame led lightboxes allow a user-friendly option of changing graphics for visual displays and new promotions. With this snap frame capability, you are able to use these single boxes for years before changing to new ones! Another advantage of the snap open frame is that it gives you the ability to interchange promotions and displays in seconds! Having this mechanism helps our customers to make signage and visual displays and easy task to do.


Features for Light Box Advertising Displays:

  • UL Listed (E523796), CE approved
  • Snap frame design for easy graphic changes, Single Sided
  • Ultra-slim aluminum frame (1.10 inch , 28mm in thickness)
  • Custom sizes
  • Color temperature available from 2700K to 9000K
  • Attached hardware for landscape or portrait mounting
  • Inout Voltage: 120VAC  ,  Output Voltage: 12 Volt or 24 Volt DC
  • Highest uniformity and brightness
  • Much lower power consumption
  • 104" power cord with 5.5 X 2.1mm Barrel Connector 
  • Power Supply: UL class 2 or LPS or CE approved
  • Compatible with dimmer accessory if needed
  • Poster Included if needed


Single Sided Light Box Advertising Displays:

Light Box Advertising Displays Light Box Advertising Displays Light Box Advertising Displays Light Box Advertising Displays
Snap Frame Snap Open & Close Quick Graphic Change Aluminum Extrusion


Details for Light Box Advertising Displays:

Custom Size LED Snap Frames

13 Years' Factory Experience  / OEM & ODM Accepted / UL/cUL Listed, CE Approval

Dimension (mm) Dimension (in) LED Power Consumption (W)
A3 (297 x 420) 11.70 x 16.53 2 long sides
A2 (420 x 594) 16.53 x 23.38 2 long sides
A1 (594 x 841) 23.38 x 33.11 2 long sides
304 x 304  12 x 12  1 long side 9.84
406 x 507 16 x 20 2 long sides 16.42
457 x 609 18 x 24 2 long sides 19.73
507 x 609 20 x 24 2 long sides 19.73
558 x 711 22 x 28 2 long sides 23.03
609 x 609 24 x 24 2 long sides 19.73
609 x 914 24 x 36 2 long sides 29.61
609 x 1219 24 x 48
2 long sides 39.49
685 x 1015 27 x 40
2 long sides 32.88
761 x 1015 30 x 40 2 long sides 32.88
914 x 1219 36 x 48 2 long sides 39.49
914 x 1828 36 x 72 2 long sides 59.22
1219 x 2438 48 x 96 2 long sides 78.99


Product Application for Light Box Advertising Displays:

  • Trade show displays
  • Movie Theater
  • Art gallery artistic display
  • Retail shop display and cases
  • Menu boards / new item advertisements
  • Interior design for hotels/office/restaurants
  • Display shelves and cabinets for cosmetic / jewelry 
  • Edgir light source for wall/ceiling displays


Relative Products for Light Box Advertising Displays:

Light Box Advertising Displays Light Box Advertising Displays Light Box Advertising Displays
Snap Frame  Fabric Frame LED Acrylic Light Panel
22mm thick, Double-sided 30mm, Double-sided 9mm 10mm 12mm 14mm Thickness


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